Talisman Prologue Deluxe Edition

Talisman Digital Edition Gold - what\'s in it?

By Othrandur posted 10th Oct 2013

The description for "Talisman Digital Edition Gold" is exactly the same as for "Talisman Digital Edition Silver", which is completely unhelpful.

What's in the gold edition that justifies $45 more than the silver edition? Does it come with the physical board game? Is it a 4-pack of silver editions? Do they come to serenade me at my window?


By Fhqwhgod posted 10th Oct 2013

According to their forum the Gold Edition will include all the future expansions for the game. So it's the game plus a DLC Season pass.

By allenknight posted 10th Oct 2013

There is a difference stated in the description but there is a typo in the Gold edition. However the Gold Edition clearly states that it includes all expansions once they are released - like a season pass. That is why it is $45 more.

By Othrandur posted 10th Oct 2013

The descriptions were fixed since this morning. This morning, the description for the silver edition also said that it contained all future DLC, whence my confusion. When last I viewed them, there were no differences whatsoever between the descriptions for silver and gold. Glad it's fixed. Thanks for the replies.

By gamersgate posted 10th Oct 2013

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By gamersgate posted 10th Oct 2013

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