Doom 3 (Mac): Invalid CD Key message

By Gogondola posted 5th Oct 2013

Just bought Doom 3 for Mac, get a registering CD Key panel, grab the key on my GG account, ok, it\'s fine. I get the aspyr pre game panel, it\'s fine. Launch the game which shows a message that the CD key is not valid.\r\n\r\nThe game didn\'t quit and it seems I can continue play it, but I\'m worry I\'ll get some nasty DRM behavior. Any idea? Is someone already opened a support ticket for that?


By omuletuk posted 5th Oct 2013

Activate the game on Steam.
That is the DRM.

By omuletuk posted 5th Oct 2013

Download Steam,if you dont have already,make an account,if you dont have already,and activate the product on steam.

By Gogondola posted 6th Oct 2013

Doom 3 Mac not PC. :-)

By Gogondola posted 6th Oct 2013

Ok I'm closing the question because I don't care anymore, strangely when the game is set to use the French language I don't see anymore this message at startup.

By gamersgate posted 6th Oct 2013

Marked as solved!

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