Shadow Warrior

Black screen

By Bungerman posted 1st Oct 2013

I have recently bought this game (with steam code) and had no problems starting it up the first time. But as wanting to start up the game again (after some changes in resolution and fullscreen), the game first starts up normally, play the opening cinematics with no problem, but once it gets to the start menu, the screen goes black. The mouse cursor is still visible and sound is playing, even the buttons on the menu are clickable, but nothing can be seen. Only sometimes a flicker is seenin which it is visible for a fraction of a second before it goes all black again. I even tried reinstalling the game, but it stays the same. If someone could tell me how to resolve this, it would be appreciated.


By IrrelevantJohn posted 1st Oct 2013

Maybe you should try re-installing your GPU driver, sometimes that fixes things like this.

By Bungerman posted 1st Oct 2013

I'm afraid the problem still remains after doing that, only now even when starting up, even in the opening cinematics are also glitchy and sometimes have black parts. This certainly seems to be a graphical related problem, but no idea as to what causes it.

By beortwulf posted 1st Oct 2013

Try updating the Direct X Files..

By Bungerman posted 1st Oct 2013

I already have the latest version of direct X

By beortwulf posted 1st Oct 2013

Some games in order to play use direct x 9 not 11 :) try that

By rajandeep123 posted 2nd Oct 2013

make sure you have latest version of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, 2010 or 2012 and .Net Framework 4.0

By Ladron3dfx posted 2nd Oct 2013

Disable the Steam overlay for the game. Right click game in game library, Properties> General tab> uncheck "Steam Community In-game".

Also verify game cache. Properties> Local Files tab> click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache".

Do your other games work correctly or just this one?

By Bungerman posted 2nd Oct 2013

I have installed the Microsoft visual C++ 2012 becouse I only didn't have that one, but after that, the problems stayed the same. Also noteworthy, when starting up my laptop, I tried opening the game again and it had no problems at all, but as soon as I closed it and opened it again, the problems began anew. Curious indeed. My other games work just fine. However, I did a verification of the game cache and nothing noteworthly came up and also disabled the steam overlay, and it does seem to be working correctly now even after mustiple startups.

By Bungerman posted 2nd Oct 2013

On another node, it seem it isn't resolved yet. As soon as I tried changing the resolution and going out of fullscreen, the problems started again, even when starting it up again.

By SubjectLambda posted 2nd Oct 2013

Are you sure you didn't accidentally set the game resolution higher than your maximum monitor resolution? This tends to happen in such cases.

By Bungerman posted 2nd Oct 2013

No, I tend to always use 1600x900 and never had any problems with that before.

By rajandeep123 posted 2nd Oct 2013

I'd say wait for a patch. I have seen a lot of people having problem with this game like in the comment section of IGN'S review
They also mentioned scripting bugs as a negative.

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