Total War Rome II

Total War Rome II Steam activation.

By fizhfood posted 28th Aug 2013

Hello, does anyone know when you will be able to see your key and activate it on steam so you can pre-download it? They said you would be able to pre-download it on steam 2 days before it gets released, thanks.


By joemorbi001 posted 28th Aug 2013

Looking at the pre-order page it doesn't say anything about pre-loading the game, just the 20% back in blue coins, Greek States DLC Pack for free, Wallpaper, and Total War: ARENA content. That would indicate to me that there is no option to pre-load the game at all, instead your code will be available on release day (remember not every game gets the pre-load option). However if you do get to pre-load the game 2 days before release then that's when you will be given the code, not before, but again that is assuming that you were given the correct information.

By joemorbi001 posted 28th Aug 2013

Just for clarification, that would mean that you get your code on 1st September 2013, with the release on 3rd September.

By Norax posted 28th Aug 2013

First post, at the bottom with green letters.

It has been confirmed that Steam will allow preloading of Rome 2. However specifics have not been released on when and what time the preload will start.

Any information you see on preloading is not confirmed until you see it from an official CA source."

I want my code as soon as other non-GMG costumers get theirs :D

By fizhfood posted 28th Aug 2013

ye, since it's 32(?) gigs i would love to begin to download it so i can play it on release date :]

By fizhfood posted 28th Aug 2013

Update, they just announced that you will be able to start to pre-download it today (28th), hopefully you will be able to see the seriel-key soon :D. Source:

By Davidd419 posted 1st Sep 2013

Isn't the preload only for those who've preordered the game directly through steam?

By sjord1 posted 1st Sep 2013

no it isn't in a matter of fact i've just bought it on GG and am preloading it now. just follow the regular instalation protocol for steam games: go to your steam account, open your games page, then left belowyou will see the add game key* then choose:activate game on steam* then accept the terms and fill in the code and preload
*=not sure if it is called this way in english my account is in dutch

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