Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Mac)

I can\'t find cheats on my mac with assassin\'s creed brotherhood

By spidey37 posted 15th Aug 2013

I can't find cheats with assassin's creed brotherhood mac standard edition, i have mac osx 10.8.2. When i was playing the game it said cheat un,ocked etc. when i completed a sequence. Then i was searching on the internet and people with a pc or ps3 or xbox 360 could activate those cheats. I tried it for my self but it didn't worked.

I got to Options and i don't. See cheats i tried database nothing the inventory again nothing and i just couldn't find it.


By darrinwright posted 15th Aug 2013

That's odd, you should see the Cheats in Options. You need to be in replay mode (it won't be available in a memory you're playing for the first time), and the memory you're playing needs to be within a completely synchronized sequence. Then the ability to use a cheat you've unlocked should be there.

By spidey37 posted 15th Aug 2013

Okay I will try that. Thank you

By spidey37 posted 15th Aug 2013

Do you need to complete. Every single thing the feathers the borgia flags the brutus and romulus armor the da vinci disappereance and all the other stuff?

By darrinwright posted 16th Aug 2013

I think you need to have just completed that memory, not get 100% of everything in it.

By spidey37 posted 17th Aug 2013

Okay thanks man ;)

By spidey37 posted 17th Aug 2013

Okay thanks man ;)

By gamersgate posted 17th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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