Crusader Kings II DLC Pack

How to install DLC for CK2

By jonasnonis posted 13th Aug 2013

i have a question i installed ck2 a long time ago and today i bought some of the dlcs but i dont know how to intstall them.. please help me :)!


By molace posted 13th Aug 2013

You can install them via the ingame store.
Ingame pick the store button and use your gamersgate username and password.
There you can see the dlc already bought with a green tick, and you also can buy the other DLC there with gamersgate blue coins.

By john_bell posted 13th Aug 2013

There is an in-game store where you re/install your purchased dlc. You select it there and restart your game once you have selected your dlc.

By gamersgate posted 13th Aug 2013

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By gamersgate posted 14th Aug 2013

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