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Serve Guests (Patron)

By AltWouss posted 13th Aug 2013

What does "Serve guests" do in a Public House? If I put items in the sales stock, they will sell even without someone serving the guests. Am I doing something wrong? Are employees able to serve guests without the need for items being in the sales stock?

Thanks for any help.


By Alexios posted 13th Aug 2013

@AltWouss I believe it makes them give you more money.

By AltWouss posted 13th Aug 2013

@Alexios, do I still need to have items in the sales stock for it to work or do they then sell directly from the store? Tried to find anything on this in the manual but it lacks on these topics.

By bushz33 posted 13th Aug 2013

Each patron that enters the Public House pays a little bit of money (presumably for drinks and food). The way to get more guests into your bar is to have good service or buy out the competition. The only way to become famous for having good service is to serve your guests regularly.

Two things about this:
1) fairly certain that your Public House's "serve guests" has NOTHING to do with the items in sales stock, and even if you have no items in sales stock you will still have food/drink to serve guests.

2) Serving Guests does not generate a lot of revenue, sometimes barely enough to pay for the employees. Also, whole sale of the items your create (i.e. selling your items by placing them in a cart and carting everything to market) is the best way to get money. So don't do the whole AI thing, which is extremely inefficient and wastes a lot of resources.

Enjoy the game it is fun, but would GREATLY benefit from a food tutorial.

By gamersgate posted 13th Aug 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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