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By JerriKoe posted 12th Aug 2013

Hey there!

I have some general questions. There are many games that come only for Steam here on GamersGate. I know that these obviously give you a Steam activation key.
What about other games that come along with different DRMs? Do I get a Steam key for a DRM free game, Steamworks game and what not game? Is there a list of games which have a Steam activation key after purchasing them?
If there is no key, am I able to activate a game on Steam otherwise?

Sorry if these are questions asked a hundred times before but I really want to make this clear for me.


By Darkdarkling79 posted 12th Aug 2013

I usually don't play many non-steam games but I know that you can add "non-steam" games to the steam interface if you want to.That way you dont need to enter any serial keys, steam just creates a path to that game. DRM free games do not render steam keys, though maybe some special key used for registering the game on developers forums, like paradox:s gamersgate games.

That's my take on it, anyway.

By Link Strife posted 12th Aug 2013

"Is there a list of games which have a Steam activation key after purchasing them?"

Click GAMES tab (top of page), then 4th drop down menu (Filters) and choose STEAM.
(Also available from the OFFERS tab.)

By JerriKoe posted 13th Aug 2013

Thanks to you two. So games marked with Steamworks DRM are the only games that can be activated on Steam?

By psycoman27 posted 13th Aug 2013

If the game is on this list and it has a CD-key it should be activatable on Steam, though there is no guarantee.

By DABhand posted 13th Aug 2013

Thats not accurate, not all keys provided by publishers for games on that list will work on Steam.

By Cubiclemon posted 14th Aug 2013

Games you buy give you a CD-key. To see which ones can be redeemed on steam check this list

Other games either have an in-game cd-key authentification for multiplayer, or use other software like steam.

By gamersgate posted 20th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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