Resident Evil 5

The screen goes black.

By Pau_Diaz posted 10th Aug 2013

When I play Resident Evil 5, the screen sometimes goes black and I have to move the mouse to restore the image, in the same way the screensaver is deactivated. It happens every five ten minutes or so. Why does this happen?


By Avenger_Mullah posted 10th Aug 2013

That will happen if the driver for your graphics card has crashed. It will crash, then the screen will turn black while windows reloads the driver.

Try updating to the newest drivers, that usually solves these crashes, though they can come for a lot of difference reasons

By dracotix posted 10th Aug 2013

Do you play with a gamepad? I know sometimes the screensaver doesn't seem to notice the gamepad as an "activity" depending of the brand and your windows version. If that's the case it might be why it seems to act like a screensaver...

By Armiger posted 10th Aug 2013

Also, check the sleep mode settings... could be a power saver option is turning off the screen. I would disable all power saving options and see if that corrects the issue.

By Pau_Diaz posted 11th Aug 2013

I changed the turn monitor off option under the power saver settings from ten minutes to half an hour. Then I played Resident Evil 5 twice and the problem didn't repeat itself. Good work, Armiger. Your solution served me well.

By gamersgate posted 11th Aug 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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