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Got scammed?

By Optimusil88 posted 9th Aug 2013

I have very annoying issue here and it completely pissing me off. I think a got scammed by Gamersgate.

My original thread about this:

So to be short, I made a preorder of Company Of Heroes 2 and haven’t received bonuses for which I paid.

I created ALREADY TWO tickets to support where in clear English I described my issue and asked for my bonuses.

Guess what. Both times I received same damn response that I bought Standard Edition. Are you kidding me?

Are you serious?! Gamersgate support have no idea what products they sell?

Again, in clear English I explained that EVERY STANDARD PREORDER had bonuses. Every online retailer including: GreenManGaming, Amazon, Steam, Gamefly gave these bonuses. Moreover, If you check first topic you will see that another user who bought game at GG also received these bonuses.

So I two times I explained this and guess what. I haven’t received any damn answer, nor my bonuses.

Game was not cheap, I paid damn 35 pounds = 40 euros = 60 bucks for it. Why the hell I cant receive thing for which I paid???????

So, what I suppose to do now? Can anyone give contact details of GG stuff to speak with? Maybe moderators know people who can help?


By tazoo2468 posted 9th Aug 2013


By Ingootje posted 9th Aug 2013

send this to them

Some proof gainst them: it says and ingame dlc in the picture

By KEMiKALZ posted 9th Aug 2013

Hi Optimus, please send a ticket and i'll try helping you the best i can, from what i see you have 2 serial-keys which is now only 1 when you order CoH2. Are you sure you've tried both?

By Optimusil88 posted 9th Aug 2013

Ok. I am stupid. Issue is solved.

I am not sure if BETA CoH2 key was replaced by another key or it was new key, but now I entered my old key and I got preorder. Ohhh

BTW, I was told by another peson that Bonuses and Base Game is ONE KEY.


By gamersgate posted 9th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 9th Aug 2013

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