Airline Tycoon Deluxe

Getting wrong username/password all the time from GG downloader

By DM888 posted 7th Aug 2013

i've tried the solutions suggested that i found with googling,
and none of them works
1. i've tried turning off my AV and Firewall
2. i've tried downloading the exe from IE
and none of them works, please help, cause i want to play airline tycoon deluxe again, because i've lost the installer when my hdd broke down.


By Ingootje posted 7th Aug 2013

Try keeping the gamersgate-page in IE open when you start downloading. If your logged in on gamersgate you shouldn't get a message to fill in your username and password

By DM888 posted 7th Aug 2013

i'm still logged in when i ran the exe, and it asked me for username and password every time i ran it.

By Ingootje posted 7th Aug 2013

try changing your password.

By DM888 posted 7th Aug 2013

thanks, finally its working, but why does changing my passwords makes it working ?

just curious

By DM888 posted 7th Aug 2013

btw even if it works, it's a pain to always input my username and password everytime i want to continue downloading, i meant for games with big sizes.

GG needs a better downloader.

By Ingootje posted 7th Aug 2013

I think the reason is that it has to update/reloading your profile. And if there was a little hickup it is gone.

And I agree that gg needs a better way to download games.

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 9th Aug 2013

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