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Never getting blue coins ._.

By hasao0012 posted 6th Aug 2013

eveytime i help on the game tutor i never get blue coins ._. and yes i was first on alot of them if that counts


By kunadam2 posted 6th Aug 2013

I think what counts is if the original poster tag it as the answer.

By hasao0012 posted 6th Aug 2013

i cant tag urs as the answer :\ so i think people just dont tag it as solved

By K-Boom posted 7th Aug 2013

I believe a moderator has to confirm who was the most helpful answer. Then the user get the reward.

By blackninja362 posted 7th Aug 2013

Yeah K-boom is right. A moderater has to aprove of the answer that way your someone cant put up an easy question. The points will also be split if more than one person helped.

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 10th Aug 2013

The solution has been approved by a moderator - The tutor(s) has received the reward.

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