Divinity Dragon Commander

installation stucks

By ChaosKill posted 6th Aug 2013

i donwloaded the game now for two times and everytime when i launch the installer it stucks by ".../combat move around"


By Haze12 posted 6th Aug 2013

Try deleting the folder it installs in and try to reinstall it

By cowsarenottoys posted 6th Aug 2013

I have the same problem in the same place during the install process. I've tried reinstalling after deleting the folder, and also redownloading the whole thing, and the same thing happens.

By Subaru Avahlon posted 6th Aug 2013

I'm dealing with this too. I tried what cowsarenottoys did and restarted my comp, but still no luck.

By bassman posted 6th Aug 2013

I got the same problem tried deleting and reinstalling but nothing.

By bassman posted 6th Aug 2013

I heard on the forum, the installer will be updated.

By ChaosKill posted 6th Aug 2013

and when??

By Puppeteer91 posted 6th Aug 2013

Of course it will be updated but when will it be today,tomorrow or next week???

By bassman posted 6th Aug 2013

they say: the vault & gamersgate installers will be updated shortly.

By ChaosKill posted 6th Aug 2013

that means next week-.-

By Puppeteer91 posted 7th Aug 2013

good news installer works now download game again and play

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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