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My setup program is in Japanese

By Pau_Diaz posted 4th Aug 2013

I successfully purchased, downloaded and installed Resident Evil 5 from gamersgate. I then corrupted the files of Resident Evil 5 by installing new files to use a trainer. I uninstalled the game and attempted to reinstall it using the temporary files I kept that were used to download and install Resident Evil 5 from gamersgate in the first place, but the setup menu and installation options are in Japanese. Please let me know how to set them to English.


By Ingootje posted 4th Aug 2013

try downloading the gg .exe file again, and use that to reinstall the game

By Pau_Diaz posted 4th Aug 2013

What caused this problem? Isn't there some way to make the setup file display in English?

By Zogundar posted 5th Aug 2013

By chance is your System Locale set to Japanese?

By Pau_Diaz posted 5th Aug 2013

No, my current system locale setting is English (United Kingdom). I have checked all my regional settings and none of them are in Japanese. The settings of the setup.ini of the RE5 temporary files are set to English as far as I can tell. Please advise me on how to resolve the issue. I'd rather not spend another seven hours to download the whole game again.

By Zogundar posted 7th Aug 2013

Hmm, have you tried installing the game (In Japanese), and then running the launcher and changing the language back to English there?

By Pau_Diaz posted 7th Aug 2013

Yes, I was able to install the game in that manner and resetting the language to English through the launcher.Could it be the case that when I backed up the temporary files, I forgot to highlight the setup.exe file and then the problems I have had occurred because it was missing?

By Zogundar posted 7th Aug 2013

I'm not sure what causes it, but the language being something other than English sounds like a common problem.

One of the (harder) solutions I found involved making changes to the setup.ini file. It's possible that if you lost or deleted that that, it reverted to Japanese by default when it was recreated. If you still have the setup.ini file, you could check it for this line:

Set correctly to English, the default number should be "409."

By Pau_Diaz posted 7th Aug 2013

I tried implementing your solution with the setup.ini file I had but I couldnĀ“t make the changes take effect. Apparently, the temporary files became corrupted. I did, however, download the files again to the files to reinstall RE5. As before, the setup was in English. Once I installed the game I accessed the setup program again. It was in English.

Thank you, anyway, for your feedback. It may still come in handy.

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 11th Aug 2013

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