By marinora posted 4th Aug 2013

I downloaded my game, but when I opened it, a page with game settings appeared. I tried a few more times. Downloaded again and saw that it was a Binary and Game Settings came up again. How do I correctly install or open a binary ? Please and thank you...Marianne


By PELUXA1 posted 4th Aug 2013

Game settings page? Did you click on the option to don't show this window again? Screenshot? Did you click on Ok to see what would happen?

By Ingootje posted 4th Aug 2013

Use the downloader. At the point he has downloaded the game a pop-up will come up with the option to install. Don't go into the downloaded map to try to install the game.

By marinora posted 4th Aug 2013

Re the Game Setting..I clicked OK, when it came again I clicked "don't show this again", next time I clicked cancel. I clicked every thing every which way.

To download, I clicked my game name and it came up two ways. One was game name and the word download. I did that and installed. I clicked on the desktop icon and got "Game Setting". I tried the second way..clicked my game name and over on the right a pic of my game appeared with the PC requirements and the word Download. I clicked Download, installed and same thing happen..Game Setting.

I didn't have this problem with my other games. I confused !!

By Ladron3dfx posted 5th Aug 2013

I had no issues in downloading or installation of Alpha Polaris. No issue in game play either.

Binary? No display of a binary file or prompts.

What is your operating system? Security applications in use, AV/Firewall?

By marinora posted 5th Aug 2013

My OS: Win 7 64 bit, 1 TB, Speed 3.1 GHz, HD 1 TB Memory 8 GB, It's an HP I bought new 7/14/11 and added upgrades. I have at least 200 games, most large file. Never had this happen before and I have other GG games with no problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. After installation, a pop-up says to delete the temp files. Have no idea what that is.

By Ladron3dfx posted 7th Aug 2013
Try the various compatibility modes.
Try running as administrator.
Turn off Windows Defender & Firewall during download and installation. Re-enable afterwards.
The Data Exception Prevention settings as a last resort if all else fails.

What anti-virus/firewall application is in use? Windows default or other?

By marinora posted 7th Aug 2013

Thanks Ladron. My PC is set to run myself as Administrator and I'm in compatibility mode. Alpha Polaris is Vista and I've never had a problem before with an XP or Vista game as my PC would convert. My modem failed early morning and I lost internet connection. The tech just left and gave me a new modem. He also fixed my Vista laptop, so I can run the game on that. He said that if the game wouldn't run on my Win 7 it was cause the game didn't have the software installed to do so. I use Norton and my browser is Firefox.

Anyway, I'm going to copy your post and apply just taught me something...thanks much.

By gamersgate posted 23rd Aug 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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