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Refund for a game?

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

I had bought this game a few days ago at $9.95 or $10. I would very much like to erase it from my computer and would like to know how, if at all, can I get a refund.

PS Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. :)


By GhostGalleon posted 1st Aug 2013

There are no refunds. At the bottom of the order page, it says that you accept their no refunds agreement.

All you can really do is uninstall it and delete it from your computer, but you can't get a refund--at least to my knowledge.

By DanishCH posted 1st Aug 2013

I truly believe you can't have a refund since you already used the game)! :)

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

I read about a 14 days refund policy tho it said that the support site needs to be consulted on it if the game has been used, giving detail info. Anyone know how to use the support site?

By blakstar posted 1st Aug 2013

As per the GamersGate refund policy:

"You can ask for a refund with no question asked within 14 days as long as the game has not been used.

A game is considered used when a download has been attempted, a serial number have been generated or the game have been gifted."

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

I was referring to this

"An order will only be refunded after the game is used or the 14 days period has expired if...
You have, within 14 days from purchase, contacted the GamersGate support about it, giving detailed information about the problem and neither the GamerGate support team or the game developers have been successful making the game work.
The recommendations from the developers/publishers indicate that a refund may be a good solution."

By DanishCH posted 1st Aug 2013

you can always try @

file a ticket explain why you wanna a refund!

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

Ok thanks
Much appreciated, i didnt really know how to use the site.

By DanishCH posted 1st Aug 2013

Very welcome!

By gamersgate posted 1st Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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