Wargame European Escalation

Freezes up when trying to play it when it uses steam

By GameAddict1625 posted 31st Jul 2013

After buying the game it continues to freeze up right after i sign into my account, it makes my whole computer go unresponsive and never happened before I signed into my account.


By ratdog posted 31st Jul 2013

Uninstall and reinstall

By taytothief posted 1st Aug 2013

Could be any number of problems. Are you sure you can run it? You should also try ratdog's suggestion anyway.

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

Yeah I tried it out before and it works flawlessly on Single Player but when I sign into Multiplayer it goes to crap

By GameAddict1625 posted 1st Aug 2013

I found out the issue was a patch flaw with the game itself i fixed it through steam thanks anyway tho

By gamersgate posted 1st Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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