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Can\'t download patch

By oldwave posted 30th Jul 2013

Just bought the game, downloaded the game and the manual successfully but when I tried to download the patch it failed. Now if I try to download it I just get kicked to a page that says "You have reached your download limit reached (LIMIT 1)". Why is there a limit of 1 download for the patch in the first place? The game is several years old, I cannot imagine there is some huge backlog of gamers trying to download the patch.
Any clue how long I am going to have to wait to download the patch for the game I just bought?


By ratdog posted 30th Jul 2013

I downloaded a patch for LA Noire and it didn't take. When I went to download it again it said I couldn't. I delete the game and patch .
Then downloaded the game again. I downloaded the patch to my desktop. Then I manually put the patch in the game folder and ran it in the folder....That worked. I know some games take a long download but it is worth a try

By oldwave posted 31st Jul 2013

Thanks Rat, it seems to have reset several hours later. Thanks for the tip though.

By gamersgate posted 31st Jul 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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