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Pre-Order Converter question

By Hamstern posted 30th Jul 2013

I have a steam copy of Crusader Kings 2, but have pre-orderd EUIV from this site, am I now forced to buy a copy of CK2 with al of the DLCs on Gamersgate/forced to buy the converter on steam at a later date?

Or is it going to work with my steam copy?


By acare84 posted 30th Jul 2013

EU IV is a Steamworks game so you need to activate the game on Steam. So it will work with your Steam version and you can use CK2 savegame converter too. Because it is looking for only your savegame file. Steam or GG is not important.

By Hamstern posted 30th Jul 2013

but the Converter is a CK2 DLC, and arent CK2 split between a GG version and a Steam version? (confused)

By acare84 posted 30th Jul 2013

Are you sure Converter is a CK2 DLC, I know it is a EU4 DLC and it will be available on Steam.

By Hamstern posted 30th Jul 2013

Yes, you use the converter in CK2 to create a MOD for EUIV.

By gapotts posted 31st Jul 2013

You should be fine. Buying EUIV here will still get you a steam key. They are not releasing a separate GG version.

By Alexios posted 31st Jul 2013

I don't think the DLC will work with a Steam CKII, however if you just move a save file to the free GG CKII you are given it should export fine even if you don't have all the other DLCs on your GG copy.

By gamersgate posted 31st Jul 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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