Crusader Kings II

In-game store DLC price

By deletdadrian5683 posted 30th Jul 2013

Hi everyone, it seems the in-game store doesn't recognize that the DLCs are on sale and lists their full price. Is this normal? Thanks.


By blackninja362 posted 30th Jul 2013

yes the ingame store is not part of gamersgate or steam or whatever.

By shyeung posted 30th Jul 2013

ingame store should be connected to GG

i think you are talking about The Old God DLC?
They are not offering discount even steam made it 75% off in the past weekend.


By deletdadrian5683 posted 30th Jul 2013

No, I'm talking about every single DLC in the store. Like African Portraits is on sale for 1$ now but in-game its listed as 1990 coins...

By blackninja362 posted 30th Jul 2013

You should just buy from gamersgate website itself. I have the game but i dont know what the ingame store looks like so.......refresh the page?

By Andreasqiao posted 30th Jul 2013

For make sure you got the discounted price, just buy directly from GG and download it from in-game store option inside the game :)

By gamersgate posted 30th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 2nd Aug 2013

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