engine FATAL ERROR message - What?

By otofrost posted 28th Jul 2013

So I am trying to run the game which I just downloaded and I am able to get the logo splash screen to pop up and then bam.. there it is.. the error. Have to shut down the game and do something else. I have tried contacting the developer (Deep silver) and I have not had a reply in days now. Hopefully someone else has come across this issue and knows a fix! I am running windows 8, even though it's not marked as supported (as with most games out there for win 8.) it is, i've looked into that. So.. any help would be awesome! Thanks!


By jr03xx posted 28th Jul 2013

Did you recently switch monitors, or resolution settings?

By otofrost posted 28th Jul 2013

No I have not. As soon as I downloaded the game a few days ago, I had this issue. I have not been able to play the game at all yet. I think got it boiled down to my graphics card, which is supported apparently and is up to date. Even reinstalled the my drivers and the game as I've had the work for me before in the past with another game, but no go. Same old message :(

By demondean posted 29th Jul 2013

windows 8 is NOT ofiically supported for Risen so make sure you have the 1.10 patch installed and run in compatibility mode

By otofrost posted 29th Jul 2013

I will try the patch, maybe that's what they assumed when I said I was running win 8 for the game, in which they replied it was supported. I will patch first and see what happens from there! I'll let you know

By otofrost posted 29th Jul 2013

Patch and compatibility mode did not work. However...

I have found this to be a fairly common issue with people running high end (HD) AMD graphics cards which only support a CPU based Physx and cannot support a gpu based physx (You need an nVidia card for the gpu) in which that is what Risen needs to run in. So the game works on whatever the OS is, but you need an nVidia card basically to play it if you're using a newer computer. Oh well, maybe Risen 2 supports AMD cards this time. This answer came after a couple hours of browsing engine Fatal Error on search sites AND speaking with a service tech right from Deep Silver themselves.

By gamersgate posted 29th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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