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Game not launching properly

By pudding posted 28th Jul 2013

I just got the Majesty 2 Collection and installed it with the Gamersgate patch. When I run the game, it shows up in my task bar and the task manager indicates that it's running, but I can't switch to it. Alt + Tab or clicking does nothing. Then I can also only close the game in the task manager where it switches from "running" to "not responding". Just to be clear, when the game starts, it does not show a splash screen or anything, just the program on the task bar. I'm running Windows XP SP3 which is supposed to work. Any help would be appreciated.


By demondean posted 28th Jul 2013

@pudding - yes i remember this happening quite awhile ago but was fixed with a more recent nvidia driver and does require a dedicated graphics driver, can you tell us which graphics card you have and driver version

By pudding posted 28th Jul 2013

Hi demondean, thanks for the quick reply. I have two ATI HD 6790 graphics cards and the result is the same with crossfire en/disabled. Current driver version 13.4.

By demondean posted 28th Jul 2013

Ok maybe ati drivers do not have a similar fix then, i guess you could always check task manager and shut down anything that you don't need.

By pudding posted 28th Jul 2013

Thanks for the ideas. I've tried that and many other things. No progress though.

By demondean posted 28th Jul 2013

you could try this so see if it helps:!

By pudding posted 28th Jul 2013

Phew, that looked really promising. Unfortunately didn't work for me but it may help some other poor soul with the same problem. Funny enough, the map editor works fine and I can browse the maps and everything. Problem seems to be that the launcher doesn't work so I can't actually start the game. Annoyance - I tried running the game on a friend's laptop (with Win7) and it worked without even needing to properly install the game. There must be some fatal incompatibility with my system. I'll just keep on tampering with it and keep this thread open for another few days. Your trouble is much appreciated.

By otofrost posted 28th Jul 2013

I had this very same issue Pudding with majesty 2. What I needed to do was uninstall the game, and before re-installing it I had to knock out my current patches on my graphics cards, reinstall the updates on my cards and then reinstall the game in which case it started working after that! Give that go and see what happens :) Worked for me.

By demondean posted 29th Jul 2013

Just a thought but does it work without the patch?

By pudding posted 30th Jul 2013

To demondean: It did the same whether the patch was installed or not.

To otofrost: It worked! It seemed so unlikely, but it actually worked! The game's running now. I'm getting some message about my login being incorrect, but will get on that and see what the problem is. Thank you so much, really.

To both: Thanks for all the help. I can launch my game now. :)

By gamersgate posted 30th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 21st Aug 2013

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