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By Fjarki posted 28th Jul 2013

I got DD here on Gamersgate and I want to get the Summoner DLC but it requires the base game on Steam. Is there any other way for me to get it?


By Optimusil88 posted 28th Jul 2013

Sadly it is not possible. This DLC will work only with Steam version of the game.

By Optimusil88 posted 28th Jul 2013

I just noticed that on GG game page it says "Customers also recieve a redeemable code for the game on Steam!". So you should have Steam key for key and can buy DLC there.

By omuletuk posted 28th Jul 2013

Contact support and ask them to provide you a steam key of your base game.They should do it because the only way to purchase dlc is on steam.
But i have one question for you? When did you purchased this game?On DD page is saying Activation :steam.

By demondean posted 28th Jul 2013

According to the store page the base game can be activated on steam which must have changed recently as it never used to be the steam version, so you should now have a steam key on your account, if so please activate the base game and then you can purchase and activate your DLC, apart from that please use the support system

By Fjarki posted 28th Jul 2013

I bought DD the day I made an account witch is 16th April 2012.

By Fjarki posted 5th Aug 2013

It worked but now I have two different launchers, all my progress on one of them and the DLC on the other one.

By gamersgate posted 5th Aug 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

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