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Dark day at GG

By abudabi posted 25th Jul 2013

So I purchased a new game today at GG and to my horror I finally learned that I had to go to Steam to download it.

What I loved about GG was that I could buy the game on GG, download it on GG to any HD file of my choosing and have a nice organized record & backup of purchased games (ready for download) on GG.

If I have to go to Steam now to install purchased games the way Steam wants to do it in my hard drive... what's the value of GG anymore?!


By MisterCellophane posted 25th Jul 2013

Steam is also a DRM and some games requaire it wherever you buy them.

By abudabi posted 25th Jul 2013

Have to add, downloading time on Steam (vs GG) is .... un-bear-a-ble! Got a T1 line and i'm only at 4%!!!

Just to test it I downloaded 9 games purchased at GG.. am at 75-95% per game (also well over 10GB - on average per game - more than the one being downloaded on Steam.

By DariusRaider posted 25th Jul 2013

I´m pretty sure Gamersgate started selling steamworks games somewhere around 2011. Just gotta be a bit vigilant about that if such DRM is an issue. But the value GG brought yesterday or six months ago is still there for most games.

By Othrandur posted 25th Jul 2013

Games that require Steam or Origin or any other download client are clearly indicated as such. It's unfortunate that you didn't notice when you made the purchase, but it's not as if someone tried to trick you. And you could have returned the game BEFORE using the Steam key if you really didn't want a Steam game. GamersGate are very helpful in these situations, so long as nothing has been redeemed (the electronic distribution equivalent of the box not having been opened).

Also, you can't blame it on GamersGate if your Steam download rate is bad. Obviously, GamersGate have no control over your network route to the Steam cloud. You should be talking to (or complaining about) your ISP, not GamersGate or Steam.

By Licurg posted 25th Jul 2013

It says on the game's page when it requires steamworks. Be a little more careful next time, and this won't happen again.

By demondean posted 26th Jul 2013

@abudabi - also steamworks games you cannot play anywhere else apart from steam, so you would be losing out on literally 100's of games if you choose to not use steam. Also all the information is on the requirements section for the game you wish to view or purchase.

By abudabi posted 27th Jul 2013

Mea Culpa, Yes I should have read the information on requirements more closely...
Still, I wish there was a better alternative to Steam.

By gamersgate posted 27th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

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