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Alice Complete Collection

By ti1468 posted 23rd Jul 2013

Does the complete collection copy on Gamersgate actually include the first Alice game? And does it work?
Several online threads have indicated that this certain version was time-limited and no longer available, even on EA Origin (which the site correctly reflects this status).
There are even issues of this version crashing when attempting to launch the first game. Since there are no customer reviews of this game on GG, there is no way to know if this is a working version of the complete collection.
Can someone please verify?

Example of the issues I've come across while searching:


By redsfan posted 23rd Jul 2013

yes it includes the first game.

By VDCKorn posted 24th Jul 2013

Yes and you should able to see it on your in game menu (if i'm not wrong)

By hanwe posted 24th Jul 2013

yes it includes the first game.

By JayBeat2k6 posted 24th Jul 2013

If you open the main game and wait for the main menu to appear (You MAY be able to skip the intro videos, I can't remember) there should be an option near the bottom of the screen on the right called "American Mcgee's Alice". Click that, and the first game should load up right away. If nothing happens, there is a chance that you either don't have the correct Redists (DirectX, VC_Redist, Physx, etc), but they are stored in a folder where the main game is installed. Try installing those, and if the game STILL fails, and you encounter an error, let me know what it says, and I'll do my best to find a workaround.

By JayBeat2k6 posted 24th Jul 2013

Oh and if no error appears, PM me and I'll take you through how to diagnose errors that just crash the game to the desktop. ^_^

By ti1468 posted 25th Jul 2013

Thanks for all the help everyone, the game works great :)

By gamersgate posted 25th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2013

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