Moving a game to my external?

By dragonwheel posted 22nd Jul 2013

I installed X-Blades on my laptop, but I want to move it to my external hard drive. When I simply cut and paste the folder in my external and try to run the game, it says "file not found." I've had this problem with other games and know there is a solution (but it was over a year ago when I solved it and can't quite remember what I did). Anyone have suggestions on what to do?

There is no option to select where to install the game during the installation process. It just installs to my C/Program Files(x86). Is this normal?


By oktabyte posted 22nd Jul 2013

Did you run the game from inside the folder( change the linkt on the desktop to your new place)?

By dragonwheel posted 22nd Jul 2013

Yes, I went into the folder and hit "run application." This works when the game is on my laptop but not on my external.

By blackninja362 posted 23rd Jul 2013

are you playing it from you external on your laptop? If so sometimes games cant be played like that since they need system files in your windows folder.

By angemala posted 23rd Jul 2013

Copying and pasting the game generally won't work. As blackninja said, when you install a game, it puts some registry keys in, system file alterations, etc. To have it work from an external hard drive, you would have to run the install, and select the drive to install it to. You can then run it from your external (though, I would never recommend running a game from an external hard drive). There is a good chance it will only work on the computer you installed it from, however, as the keys and such will still be on the laptop. So if you're running it only on the laptop, it should work. If you want to install it on your external and play it on multiple computers, it likely won't work.
Some games won't give you the option to install to another location. It sucks. It's bad writing on the game dev's side.
If it's a STEAM game, they are super easy to move. Steam is nice and lets you move games, then builds on the extra bits you need itself. (Just need to follow steam instructions on their website)

By yappers4 posted 24th Jul 2013

Check if the installer gives you an option between Typical and Custom installations. Some installers will only ask you where to install if you choose Custom install.

By dragonwheel posted 24th Jul 2013

Perfect! Thank you yappers4! I tried re-installing the game and found Typical, Complete, and Custom installations that I must have overlooked. The Custom one allows me to choose where I want to install. Thanks again!

By gamersgate posted 24th Jul 2013

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By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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