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Missing 1st serial number

By hubitomi posted 21st Jul 2013

Hi Support team,

I tried to install today the last part of my Stalker bundle (bought them earlier). This game needs two serial numbers, for the first one, I keep getting the "out of the serial numbers, developers have been contacted, be patient" message. This number should be 25 character long, at least after the start an "xrEngine @ctiv" window appeared, asking the serial number.

The 2nd serial number seems OK, 16 character long, was asked at the end of installation.
Could you please look after this problem?
It's quite annoying, that normally I own this game, but cannot use it, and the game is on discount sale in the same time (though they are lacking this mysterious "Old" marking...)

Anyway, thanks for the helping!


By omuletuk posted 21st Jul 2013

When a game is on sales and require a serial to activate,is quite normal to run out of key because are so many people buying it.Be patient and you will receive your key soon.

By hubitomi posted 21st Jul 2013

Will I be somehow notified on this, or shall I try to get one regularly?

By omuletuk posted 21st Jul 2013

Sometimes you get a notify that they run out of key and you still can purchase that game.
Concerning you,you wont get a notified when your key become available.Check it regularly...

By Mukai posted 21st Jul 2013

This also happened to me when i bought stalker clear sky and Dark souls, both games were sold for a very low price so GG soon ran out of keys, to be fair to them however there were very quick at ordering more keys. I wasn't notified that my key was in stock again however so I would check your 'shelf' often to see if they have given you your key

By Dennisss posted 22nd Jul 2013

Please open a support ticket, they will assign you a version with a different copy protection system. They don't get keys for the other version anymore.

By omuletuk posted 22nd Jul 2013

Dennisss post your source info...GG always refill their keys,i've never heard " They don't get keys for the other version anymore" LOL

By hubitomi posted 22nd Jul 2013

Yeah, it seems Denisss is right, look here:

Look for a comment from "Psyringe".

By hubitomi posted 22nd Jul 2013

OK, I filed a support ticket. Let's see, what will happen...

By hubitomi posted 25th Jul 2013

Yes, that is the solution. Ticket to the support team, and within days they will exchange the "old" version of Stalker - COP to the new one.
Well done, support team!

By gamersgate posted 25th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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