Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Graphics Glitch While Running Pixel Shader 3.0

By d2dcontre posted 19th Jul 2013

After loading the first level, the screen turns completely white. Night vision is also completely white, thermals and electronic vision both work.

Under PS3.0
Disabling tone mapping removes the white screen, but it reveals a map where Fisher is the only game object with textures--everything else is blue. No shadows rendered, no textures--but the object models are still visible.

Under PS2.0
Everything goes back to normal, minus the bells and whistles of PS3.0. Does anybody have a fix for this?

Acer M5-481TG Laptop
I'm running a Core i5 3317 U (1.7 GHz, turbo boost to 2.6 GHz) and an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE. Nvidia Optimus is present and the config utility that comes with the game detects my Intel HD Graphics 4000 instead, but I'm not sure if this is relevant.

Hopefully someone has encountered this before and can provide some assistance. Thanks in advance!



By pajsaraf posted 19th Jul 2013

"game detects my Intel HD Graphics 4000 instead,"

seems to be your issue. you are running without your hardware,
try this

By d2dcontre posted 19th Jul 2013

Thanks for the help, but the video is for the wrong game. I'm playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (the third in the series) not Conviction (the fifth).

That window never appears for SCCT. I'm referring to a different utility that used to come with all old Ubisoft games.

Thanks anyway!

Still open to other suggestions. :)

By blackninja362 posted 19th Jul 2013

try turning down the graphics to minimal.

By d2dcontre posted 19th Jul 2013

Thanks for the reply, blackninja362! I appreciate your help.

The game runs and I already tried setting it to a lower graphics setting. But what I'm trying to do is to get Pixel Shaders 3.0 to work on my laptop because I want to see all of the advanced graphics on display. :)

If you know anybody else who might have a solution to this problem, kindly send him or her to this thread.

Have a nice weekend (if it's already Friday for you, that is).

By djXone posted 19th Jul 2013

look on this site for new drivers

By d2dcontre posted 20th Jul 2013

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread!

After messing around with my game, I finally found a solution. I actually gave up and shut my PC down. When I turned it on again the next day, I discovered that SCCT had reduced the number of options from three (PS 1.1, PS 2.0, PS 3.0) to two (PS 1.1, PS 3.0). I tried PS 3.0 again and this time it worked. No graphical glitches, full shadows, textures, lighting. Haha, imagine that. :)

The solution is to reboot your PC after installing it--even if nothing prompts you to restart.

I can't help but remember the I.T. Crowd--"Have you tried turning it on and off again?" :P

By gamersgate posted 20th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 6th Sep 2013

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