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Dead Island GOTY - Key will work on italian Steam account?

By Dareios90 posted 1st Jul 2013

Hi guys,

i'm an italian customer/GGer.
I saw the 75% discount on Dead Island GOTY so i thought, good, it's not my genre, but for 5€ i could buy it.
Before clicking "add to cart" i red this messagge on the page:

"Region Locked: This game is region locked. Please remember this if you purchase the game while abroad and that this also applies when you gift the game, so avoid sending this item as a gift to someone in another country."

What does it mean?
That i won't be able to activate Dead Island GOTY on my italian steam account?

I check the GG site but there is the same messagge on the Dead Island page.
You can check yourself if you want.

The strange thing that i see now is that in the link there is the word "EU", so this is could be the version for the Europe, so also for Italy.

My question is: if i buy Dead Island GOTY here on or will i be able to activate it on Steam?
Or will i be condamned to "open" a ticket to have an european-italian key?

Thanks for the answers and sorry for me english,



By madassassin666 posted 1st Jul 2013


Probably it´s a "Rest of World" key and most likely Germany + Australia are locked out.


By Psyringe posted 1st Jul 2013

"Dead Island" has at least five different regions which are all incompatible to each other, that's why the warning about the region locks was put on the product pages.

If you can see the game in the catalog (with a "Buy" button) at the site when you connect from Italy, then you can buy it there, and you will receive a key that is usable in your region. Games that can't be redeemed (or otherwise authenticated) in a given region will not show up in the catalog for users from that region.

The store is meant for UK customers. Usually the games from there can be redeemed outside of the UK as well, but this is not officially supported and can't be guaranteed. In case of a game that is split up for so many regions like Dead Island, I'd recommend to not take the risk.

By Dareios90 posted 1st Jul 2013

Thanks guys, especially Psyringe!

I connect to site with normal italian adsl line (4MB/bit per second... :( ) and I see Dead Island Goty.
I spoke about because I thought that the english site was more specialized for EU customers, but after your words I unterstood that is only for UK customers (infact prices are only in pounds).

So thanks again, I'll wait for others answers (in order to be more secure and hoping that the answers will come before the 75% discount ends!) and then I'll buy it!

By blackninja362 posted 3rd Jul 2013

It should work if you just buy from the italian site.

By Melistrius posted 4th Jul 2013

The region-lock is (as usual) for Germany, because it wasn't censored by the developers it was refused to get a rating so it's efectively not allowed to be sold in Germany. The warning you encounter is because Gamersgate wants it as safe as possible within the laws because it is just not allowed there and there are certain games that can't be activated with a german IP. That said, DI is none of them. If you use a VPN you can buy it from the sites that refuse to show it to german IPs and you can activate it in Steam without VPN. I can confirm that because I did it (allthough from GMG but there shouldn't be any difference)

Long story short: You will encounter these wordings on several sites for games that are banned/not allowed in specific european countrys (Germany usually) but you don't have to worry, you can activate and play, just be careful when gifting it to someone from Germany (That was never any trouble, many people there do it to get the games but it's better to be on the safe site isn't it?) or when activating it from Germany (though I doubt you wanna do that ^^). That's all that you need to know and as long as it is visible for you, you can buy and play it as long as you're not behind a VPN. I can say that for sure because I can not buy it from my german IP, it's completely blocked. GG uses your IP to show you only games that you can actually play.

By Dareios90 posted 9th Jul 2013

Hi guys, thanks for the other answers (blackninja e Melistrius)!
In the end i bought Dead Island GOTY even if i see that it is discounted also today! XD
Steam accepted the fist code that GG gave to me, so all went ok!
About the game, all ok, it worked great for some time expect a crash.



P.S. You can close the thread! Problem/doubt solved! ;)

By gamersgate posted 9th Jul 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 16th Jul 2013

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