Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe

Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe

By dhancock1 posted 29th Jun 2013

When I launch the game a prompt comes up requiring me to insert a Loopy Landscapes CD. I downloaded the game not expecting to have additional requirements. How do I get it to work?


By redsfan posted 29th Jun 2013

check within the folders of the game to see if there is one listed for that and you could install it from there.

By DonVino posted 29th Jun 2013

Download the installer. Install the game. When the installer asks if he should delete the installation files choose "No"

By Psyringe posted 30th Jun 2013

Yep, follow DonVino's advice. Also, it's probably best to put the downloader at a place where you know that you can keep it, and start it from there. Then, make sure that you don't delete the downloader or the "GamersGate temporary files" directory that it creates.

This game's installer is a bit quirky, it needs the downloaded files to remain remain on your hard drive. For practically every other game you can safely release them after installation, but this game is the exception.

By gamersgate posted 1st Jul 2013

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By gamersgate posted 1st Jul 2013

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