Dead Space 3 Limited Edition UK

Where is my Download!?

By DestroFinale posted 29th Jun 2013

I recently bought this game and when i go into my library there is no download for Dead Space 3 but their is for Volvo


By Nukkus posted 29th Jun 2013

Just wait, sometimes it takes around 12 hours for a game to show up in your library. DON'T PANIC!

By PiotrekDG posted 29th Jun 2013

What payment method did you choose? Are you sure your payment has been confirmed and is not withdrawn?

By DestroFinale posted 29th Jun 2013

Don't worry i fixed it its apart of origin so i had to open origin and put the activation code in the 'redeem code' section to actually have it

By gamersgate posted 29th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 30th Jun 2013

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