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Gamersgate version vs. other sites version

By Whoolvillage posted 26th Jun 2013

I've bought Rome total war gold edition a very long time ago. I think I've got it from (definitely not gamersgate). Nowadays they don't even sell the game there anymore. I wanted to install rome total war Alexander on top of that version. But it never seemed to work. Any ideas? Since I cannot buy the gold edition on this site again, I'm somewhat stuck with a not working 'Alexander expansion'.


By Swiffer16 posted 26th Jun 2013

The best bet is to most likely buy Rome Gold Edition again using the same place that you bought the Alexander expansion from. You could also check to see if Yahoo included a key with the game so that it could be downloaded through another program such as Steam. If Yahoo provided you with nothing, I would say that you should wait until the Steam Summer Sale or until it goes on sale on GamersGate to purchase it again. I recently just saw it on Steam for 90% off at $.99. Hope I could help with your problem.

By Whoolvillage posted 26th Jun 2013

Thanks for the quick answer. I'm going to try your suggestions. If a sale on gamersgate would allow me to buy the gold edition, I would immediately take the bite. For now, the gold edition isn't available on this site. I wish I could still give away games that I already bought. Since now the 'Alexander' expansion goes to waste on my virtual shelf.

By demondean posted 26th Jun 2013

if you get the rome total war collection on gamersgate it includes the gold addition and alexander expansion as well

By Whoolvillage posted 27th Jun 2013

OK, this is what happened next. The site I bought the gold edition from, is out of business (As I remember it correctly, it was not YAHOO but TRYMEDIA). So I lost my copy of the game over there (I still have the installer saved on my external HD, but I can't reach the additional files that need to be downloaded resulting in an error). Now I fear I cannot re-install the Gold Edition. Thus, I have to buy a new copy.
Although I'll wait for a massive sale on this game, I'll get the 'rome total war collection' eventually. The main Question I have now is... will I be able to gift away the 'Alexander Expansion Pack' from within the bundle? Or is it actually really 'BUNDLED'?

Thanks for the answers in advance.

By Goodie2shoes posted 27th Jun 2013

As for bundles, I've gotten one where each title was individually giftable ... I suspect that's universal. A high-level member could tell you more.

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

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By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

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