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By P.Ernestus posted 26th Jun 2013

Hello there, Ive bought WiC a couple of months ago and im trying to install it on my laptop. The tihing is that it doesnt work at all. I downloaded it from the site four times then installed it but everytime i want to open it it says cannot locate game data. I foudn on a website that you need to copy paste something from the DVD files, but i dont have those because i downloaded it. Hope someone can help me cause it feels like ive just wasted money here.


By demondean posted 26th Jun 2013

Just sounds like your files for the game have been deleted or corrupted so you will have to download again.

By Tomi93 posted 26th Jun 2013

Try this. Maybe it will hep u.

1- Extract the game file “world in conflict.7z” by using any extraction software. (i recommend 7-zip)
2. After the process is complete. reboot the computer.
3. Start in safe mode.(press f8 key for hp systems).
4. From the above 3 options, choose first one. “Safe mode”.
5. Now go the directory where you have extracted the game and run setup.bat. (i run it as administrator.)
6. Now wait till the process is complete. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes. This time you will see that no error will be showed up.(Mine was done without popping up any error window).
7. If sixth step was as i mentioned. You are done. Now reboot your computer again normally.
8. Double click the wic.exe icon and enjoy the game.

By Tomi93 posted 26th Jun 2013

Or this,92757,92767#msg-92767

By Mannerheim93 posted 27th Jun 2013

I am not a computer specialist but I know people have a hard time getting it to work World in Conflict to work on Windows 7.

By P.Ernestus posted 27th Jun 2013

Thanks everybody. It finally worked. had to install it in a different map. working on windows 8 and so still figuring this new windows out. But thanks for the many replies i finally get to crush europe! And the CRUSH RUSSIA!.(Firm NATO player)

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

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By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

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