Tomb Raider Legend

the game can´t copy all files when installing

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

Im running:
Win 7
Intel Core i7-2600 CPU 3.40 GHz 3.40 GHz
12.0 GB ram

When I reach about 80% in the installation I get this error:

Program Files (x86)\Tomb Raider - Legend\bigfile.039
An error occurred while trying to copy a file
The source file is corrupted.
Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not reccommended)or Abort to cancel installation

If I try to press ignore, it just keeps making the same error with the rest of the files.

I tryed to run the download tomb raider legend file in win xp service pack 2 admin mode but it didn´t work. I Can´t find a setup file.
Does anyone recognise this problem and how can I fix this?


By ACorpse posted 26th Jun 2013

Do you have sufficient free disk space available on the drive you're installing to? If it's not your C: drive, I'd check that too in case it's decompressing temp files to there during the install and running low on space.

If that doesn't help I'd recommend redownloading the source files, possibly running a drive check on the drive you're downloading and installing to (both if it's different drives).

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

Hey ACorpse, thank you for your fast reply.
It is my C: drive and I´ve got plenty of space on it.
I will wait and see if more replys are coming in before redownloading. I have this enoying problem when downloading from gamers gate. It keeps reconnecting to server, so it will take about 24 hours to download though im downloading with 3 mb/s in steam =(

By ACorpse posted 26th Jun 2013

Fair enough, though that could make it more likely that the download was damaged in some way. The Gamersgate downloader looks to use the IE engine, do you have any problems downloading large files through Internet Explorer? If you use a different browser normally (EG Firefox or Chrome) you might want to reset your IE settings and disable unneeded plugins for it and see if that improves download speeds.

By denizsi posted 26th Jun 2013

Whenever you see this message:
"The source file is corrupted."

It means there was a problem during the download and you need to re-download the file. Generally speaking, first thing you should try is to redownload. It will save you time while you wait for answers.

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

Still the same. It is not downloading slow. It just download for half a second and then says "connection to server is rebootet (in danish, so it could be slightly diffrent in english) Reconnecting in 5 seconds". And just keeps repeeting this process.
I googled the problem yesterday and there is a soloution if you have a router
But im running a cable directly to the internet

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

I gues you guys are right. Ill try that and in about 24 hours I will let you know if it worked =)

By Psyringe posted 26th Jun 2013

Try temporarily disabling your antivirus, that's the most likely culprit. Then remove all files, and download them fresh.

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

Half way there =) Now it download for about 2 seconds instead of 0.5 second before reconnecting.

By ACorpse posted 26th Jun 2013

Your router or ISP might be limiting concurrent connections, but I don't know if the GG downloader tries to use that or not so it's just a guess. :)

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

No help from ISP =( but the 2 seconds download at the time made it a lot faster and it is soon ready for installation again

By redsfan posted 26th Jun 2013

you need to download with antivirus and firewall off so you get a good copy of the file to install from. Let it download and install before turning them back on.

By adamdyngvold posted 26th Jun 2013

Thanks for using your time on me everybody. I gues ISP was the problem, shortly after hanging up it began downloading smoothly and I can play Tomb Raider Legend now =)

By gamersgate posted 26th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 26th Jun 2013

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