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Can\'t Make a Purchase

By Bri7695 posted 25th Jun 2013

Whenever I try to pay for Tomb Raider through Paypal it doesn't take me to the confirmation screen that normally shows up after I hit "continue" but brings me back to the GamersGate home page. I have also tried paying directly with a credit card and it still doesn't work. The order still just says pending. There is also no trace of any transactions on my card when I check the balance.

I have tried canceling the order and making a new one, trying a different browser, and clearing my cache and trying again, none of which worked.


By colinljx posted 25th Jun 2013

Pending means you need to wait for the transaction to finish, so have patience...

By Bri7695 posted 25th Jun 2013

I submitted the payment over 12 hours ago, would it really take that long?

By Bri7695 posted 25th Jun 2013

It may also help to know, it specifically says "Payment Failed" when I click on details in my order history.

By Psyringe posted 25th Jun 2013

Contact Paypal support and GamersGate support. One of them should be able to tell you why the payment is failing.

By stealthkiller22 posted 25th Jun 2013

it should only take 5 mins to receive code after payment , if your payment not going through check with gamergate

By Bri7695 posted 25th Jun 2013

After trying a few more times, Paypal actually gave me an error code saying my card was declined. I ran out and bought a pre-payed Visa (with the same card might I add, weird) and used that to buy the game without fail.

By gamersgate posted 25th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 25th Jun 2013

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