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Minion & discounts

By Kokan posted 24th Jun 2013

Hello, the minion says it is supposed to give discounts and bonuses in certain genres (depending on the minion selected) but where do those appear?

I mean, I have the pirate so strategy and casual games should have discount or bonus: where do I see those?


By Kupos posted 24th Jun 2013

As far as I know, discounts aren't available yet for minions, probably something Gamersgate are working on. You do get bonus experience from buying games that are your minion's type through.

I couldn't give you a time for when such an update would arrive. Enjoy Gamersgate ! Discounts are sometimes simply better then other retailers and... BLUE COINS !

By Dennisss posted 24th Jun 2013

Don't you get some additional Blue Coins if the game you bought matches your Minion?

By Kokan posted 24th Jun 2013

@Dennisss: Really have no idea about that.

@Kupos: Thanks for claryfing!

By gamersgate posted 24th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 7th Jul 2013

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