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Silverfall: Complete Collection

By DrStreetBiker posted 23rd Jun 2013

I'm looking to buy Silverfall: Complete Collection, but I'm running Windows 8. It doesn't say incompatible with W8, but it isn't listed as compatible either. Does anyone with win8 who bought it know if the game runs on the win8 OS? I'm ok with having to tinker a little to make it work as long as it is able to be made to work.

While I'm at it, I'd like to ask the same question of Dawn of Magic (1 and 2).
Thank you for your time.


By Echbart posted 23rd Jun 2013

My guess is it should run at least with compatibility mode as on this page it says it runs on win7

For Dawn of magic i dont know.

By Kokan posted 23rd Jun 2013

I never had any issue with old games and Windows 8 but I guess it could happen. I would suggest you to try the demo first (Steam has one for Silverfall, hell I will download it and try let you know soon)

By Kokan posted 23rd Jun 2013

Well, after trying Silverfall demo with win8 64 bits I couldnt make it work not even with compatibility mode or admin rights. It always returns me this error:

"One of the libraries to run this application cannot be found.

By Echbart posted 23rd Jun 2013

Here users have complained about same thing Silverfall isnt compatible with win8, maybe demo will run on 32-bit???

By DrStreetBiker posted 23rd Jun 2013

Thanks guys, I didn't even think about trying the demo lol. I was looking forward to Silverfall but I guess I'll first have to tinker around on my win8 machine to see if I can force compatibility like I use to on win7.

By einexile posted 24th Jun 2013

Good lord this game is huge. All told with the expansion, 33 GB for a rather simple looking aRPG from 2007, what's that about?

I'm installing the Steam version in 64 bit Win 8 Pro, if you feel like checking back much later for an answer. (Was it on sale yesterday? It's kind of expensive right now for an old game.) I remember the demo running fine in either this or Win7 but never found time to play the full version.

By Psyringe posted 24th Jun 2013

It's 14 GB for my full install of the DRM-free version. A lot of the data is duplicated (texture caches of various quality levels ...). The expansion is also _supposed_ to overwrite a lot of data of the original, but some version are packaged in the wrong way. As a result, the installer of the expansion insists on installing it as a stand-alone product, which means even more data duplication. It also means that you can't play the base game with the improved controls from the expansion unless you fix it manually.

The game runs fine on my Win7 64-bit machine btw, but I can't test it on Win8.

By einexile posted 26th Jun 2013

I forgot to install the expansion, but the main game is looking alright. I had to install an old version of PhysX but was not asked to remove the current version.

By DrStreetBiker posted 27th Jun 2013

Cool, thanks einexile

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

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