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Gifting a game

By Kokan posted 22nd Jun 2013

I read the faq about gifting games and from what I understood it is necessary that the recipiente has a GG account, correct?

What if that person doesn't have one and it is a Steam Game. Can I redeem the key myself and send him the key?
Also, I will be buying the game twice, is there a problem with any of these workarounds?


By Lartza posted 22nd Jun 2013

If the site let's you buy the game a second time(I can't remember), sure you can just view the code here and send it to your friend. You do indeed need a GG account to redeem the gifts.

By demondean posted 22nd Jun 2013

@Kokan - if it's a steam key you can just give the key to a friend please DO NOT redeem it as your friend won't be able to use it as it can only be used for one account ONLY, if your friend does not have a gg account they will be given instructions in the email that they receive to open one and be able to redeem the gift

By Psyringe posted 22nd Jun 2013

Don't reveal keys on your account and only send the keys around. It's technically possible, but creates several problems:

1. It permanently ties the game to your account. Once you revealed the key, the game can never be moves to any other account (e.g. if your friend decides to create a GG account at some point in the future).

2. The recipient will not have any proof of ownership, should he ever need one.

3. The recipient cannot receive support from GamersGate if he doesn't own the game on a GG account.

4. You can only have two copies of the same game on your account at the same time. Usually this is not a problem - you can buy one copy for yourself, another copy for gifting, then you gift that away, have freed up a slot, and can buy another copy. However, if you have tied other people's games to your account, you can't buy further copies of the game any more, and you can't free up slots either.

In short, simply ask the recipient to create a GamersGate account. It's quickly done, the account doesn't cost anything, the data is safe, payment data isn't even stored on GG's servers, and GG will not bother him with emails if he doesn't want to.

By Licurg posted 22nd Jun 2013

Send the gift to your own e-mail address, then PM him the giftcard URL. It's the easiest way to do it.

By Kokan posted 22nd Jun 2013

Thanks guys

By gamersgate posted 22nd Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 22nd Jun 2013

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