Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops


By Durgaz posted 21st Jun 2013

Whenever i try to start this game it immediately closes and prompts that it was unable to create physX do you know of any way past this problem


By omuletuk posted 21st Jun 2013

Re-install the latest driver from nvidia.

By Wolfbane91 posted 21st Jun 2013

Try and deactivate physx effects in Nvidia Control Panel. Or try updating the graphics driver. Should work with the second alternative. Hope you find the help u need.

By hasao0012 posted 21st Jun 2013

reinstall physX

By Durgaz posted 21st Jun 2013

i have an AMD RADEON 7970m :( so does this mean im screwed ???

By biahwtrooper posted 21st Jun 2013

go to your steam folder usually located on your C:drive, and install physx manually. Run as adminidtrator. C:\steam/steamapps/common/shadow harvest/redist/PhysXSS.exe.

By omuletuk posted 22nd Jun 2013

Even if you have AMD,just install nvidia driver for physx

By gamersgate posted 22nd Jun 2013

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By gamersgate posted 22nd Jun 2013

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