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Patch 1.10: Could not find Crusader Kings II installed

By mlahor posted 11th Jun 2013

Hello, I recently bought the CK2 Complete Collection, no TOG yet, and it won't patch from 1.092 to 1.10. When I launch the 1.10 patch installer it says it can't find Crusader Kings II installed. I have it installed on D drive, maybe that's the issue. Any help?



By redsfan posted 11th Jun 2013

did you download it with antivirus and firewall off so you got a good copy of the file. Did you try to run the update from within the game so that it will find it.

By mlahor posted 11th Jun 2013

How do you mean inside the game? When I open the Launcher it gives me the option to check for updates and then manually download the file. Then I run with or without the Launcher open but the game itself is not loaded and there is no option to patch the game from within it...

By redsfan posted 11th Jun 2013

Is there a patch file listed on the game page that you can download the same way you did the game.

By ale__58 posted 11th Jun 2013

@ mlahor:
for the CK2 1.10 installer to say it does not find CK installed, it probably means it can't find it @ the registered location in the system. E.g., in my system a string in the registry defines the InstallLocation for CK2: "D:\Games\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\" (so you see, you can have it installed on D: drive and outside of Program Files). My install works and update to 1.10 went all right. I can't exclude other checks are done by the installer (beyond the physical presence of a CK2.exe @ InstallLocation), but the most probable cause of your error lies in a unregistered game or game moved to a different location after install. As you know best what you did on your system, you should now know how to revert to a working install. If not, you are better off reinstalling from scratch.

PS: if you want to check your registry, run "regedit" from the command window and find what keys you have in it that match "crusader kings". DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING in the registry unless you know what you're doing.

By mlahor posted 11th Jun 2013

Thanks all for the replies. I actually have it installed on two computers and on the computer where it was installed on the default location everything works fine. I'll guess I'll have to reinstall then on the other computer. It was installed there on the D: drive because of lack of space on primary partition but I haven't been moving the files since the initial install.

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