The Sims 3 Starter Pack

Sims 3: Starter Pack Serial Key issue

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

Has anyone else had an issue with their serial key being 4 numbers too short? The one I was assigned had only 16 digits and accepted this number but when I tried to install it keeps asking for a 20 digit number so now I'm stuck =/

I've already sent a message to gamersgate support, but I have yet to here back (22 hours later).


By acare84 posted 17th May 2013

Have you tried the activating your key at ? Maybe that key is for that site?

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

No I didn't even know to do that, will try now.. thanks!

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

Ok tried it, still the same issue =(

By Psyringe posted 17th May 2013

There are two versions of "The Sims" games (UK and US), and I think they are activated in different ways (not 100% sure though, I don't have these games myself to check).

Do you only have the key in your library, or also a download button?

If you have a download button, does the key work with the downloaded version?

If you have only the key, does the following site help?

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

The key is in my library and I have no download button, rather I have to download it via Origin. So far all options lead me to the same path, my key is just 4 digits too short =/

By Psyringe posted 17th May 2013

Did you check the site I linked to? I thought that site addressed the difference between 16- and 20-digit keys, but I didn't have the time to check it right now (sorry).

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

@Psyringe since it took gamersgate so long to reply (rare) I ended up contacting EA and that are about to send me a new registration code. Apparently gamersgate only give you the redeem code and EA is supposed to send you a registration codem, which is not mentioned anywhere =/

I should be set any moment now!

By Lucusoil posted 17th May 2013

im having same problem and cant get a real answer from origin iv tryed everywhere to get registration code im very very dissiponted with gamersgate and origin might never buy from again if dont get answer soon need help

By machine1k posted 17th May 2013

@Lucusoil try origin again, I ended up with an idiot yesterday, he kept trying to tell me I got ripped off =/

Just talk to them and tell them Gamersgate gave you a redeem code (this code will add the game to your Origin account) and EA is supposed to email you a registration code (Here is the whole issue with this being a mess). The guy I spoke to ended up starting over and just creating a new code for me. Also, he will have to give you three different codes, assuming you bought the Starter Pack, which is three in one games.

By empwill posted 17th May 2013

I was also having this problem. I went to the ea help chat thing, and explained what happened. I was able to get my 20-digit code during the chat. Only took about 5 minutes.

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