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NWN 2 Patch issue?

By JonesUK posted 7th May 2013

Hi. I dLed NWN 2, NWN 2 Storm of Zehir, NWN 2 Mask of the Betrayer and NWN 2 Mysteries of Westgame (all part of the NWN 2 complete pack). Each of the four game/expansions you have to dL and install separately from Gamersgate which isnt a problem in itself. I install NWN 2, MoB, and SoZ, but when i come to install MoW it says i need a NWN 2 patched to 1.22.

Ok fair enough, i hold off installing MoW and go hunting for patches. I try the NWN 2 autopatcher (in the game folder) and i see i have version 1.20, but it says no more patches are available to dL when i hit "update now". A quick search and i see the latest patch should be 1.23. No problem, i'm an Age of Enlightenment kinda guy, who needs an auto patcher? Then i see the myriad of available patches which have to be applied incremently out there, using the right language version and the right expansion version (there are about 8 patches i think i need from an available 75 or so) and the right software to actually apply the patch.

Now i have dLed and installed these games and expansions (about 15GB worth) three times now. Whenever i try to patch up to 1.23, i cant load the game (i click the exe but the loading screen just returns me back to desktop. I've tried patching to 1.22 instead, but no dice, same problem. I can load the game and play it if i dont install MoW - but since i just paid for it, i thought i would ask if anyone knows a workaround? Any experienced NWN 2 patchers around here that can help me out? The patching system for this game is probably the worst i have seen of any game.

Much Love.


By damnedandroid posted 7th May 2013

Some traces of your old installation remains somewhere either in your registry or installation folder. Take care of those and re-install from scratch. Update to version 1.22 (version 1.22.1588) and try installing the MoW.

By Ingootje posted 7th May 2013

install game. play through the first conversation.
then install first 2 expansions (do not update in between)
use the update function in the gamemenu
from 1.20 to 1.22
then install MoW

if it succeeds manually and it still says 1.20

find hkey_local_machine\software\obsidian\Neverwinter Nights 2\NWN2\Neverwinter in your registry.
There's a value named "Version" change it from (probably)1.20 to 1.22

By Toffmonster posted 7th May 2013
You might want to visit this directory and check out NWN2_Patching_READ_ME.txt file for instructions. If you're lucky and follow those steps, you shouldn't be needing any 3rd party patcher and will be able to patch the game offline with an official auto-patcher. If it fails though TNT patcher should work as an alternative.

Basically, install NWN 2, MoB and SoZ, patch to the latest using patches from NWN2_gold_plus_Zehir directory, then install MoW.

By 999flame posted 7th May 2013

Uninstall everything, then reinstall NWN 2, Storm of Zehir and Mask of the Betrayer. Then, to fix your problem you need to update the game to the latest version using the built-in updater, then to get it to the fully-updated version you need to google "NWN2 Patcher" (Here's the link: and you should find a program on the IGN-Vault website, then you need to manually download each patch from the IGN-Vault (Here's the link for that: and use the third-party patcher in order to patch the game to the latest version, then you should be able to install the final expansion pack. Worked for me, took me ages to figure out how to do it.

By 999flame posted 7th May 2013

"When downloading files, make sure to grab the correct ones for your needs.

Files marked: nwn2_pc_[language] are for NWN2 only installations. In other words, if you only have NWN2 without expansions, these are the files for you.

Files marked: nwn2_pcx1_[language] are for NWN2 + Mask of the Betrayer (MotB).

Files marked: nwn2_pcx2_[language] are for NWN2 + Storm of Zehir [SoZ] (with or without MotB.)

Files with their language marked after that are, I would hope obviously, for their specific langauge versions.

the numbers after this, such as: "" indicate the patch level they replace (the first one) and the patch level they will take you up to (the second one.)"

This has worked for both myself and two other people on here who were having similar problems.

By darkwind23 posted 7th May 2013

Thanks 999flame. NWN2Updater worked for me. And it need only 2 first patches from

By 999flame posted 7th May 2013

You're welcome, have fun playing NWN 2 :P

By JonesUK posted 8th May 2013

Toffmoster's links and 999 flame's explanation both really helped me out. i've managed to patch to 1.22 so i can dL and play MoW so i'm happy. no idea what the 1.23 patch is or how much i need it, but i've screwed my installation 3 times now trying to patch up to it, so i'm happy with 1.22. thanks guys.

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2013

Marked as solved!

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