Velvet Assassin


By upnorthfellaz posted 7th Mar 2013

Will velvet Assassin run on windows 7? because im getting an error when trying to launch, the spec says xp/vista, but isn't windows 7 an upgrade to vista?


By iceflame posted 7th Mar 2013

windows 7 is a different OS.
right click the game launcher go to properties and go to compatibility tab and select windows Xp SP2/sp3 or Vista and it should be fine.

By Madmori posted 7th Mar 2013

Could you post the the error message?
If it's something with ./nx/PskMainNX.cpp then this should help:

By Psyringe posted 7th Mar 2013

Most games that run on Vista will also run on Windows 7. Some won't, however. If a game is listed as compatible with Vista, but not with Windows 7, then that MAY mean that game has been tested and found incompatible with Windows 7, but it may also mean that the publisher simply never tested it on Win7. It's also possible that a game runs on _most_ Win7 configurations, but not on all, and that the publisher simply decided to leave Win7 out of this game's list of supported WIndows versions to save themselves some hassle. In any case, the only way to be sure is to test it.

Velvet Assassin _does_ run on my Win7 64-bit machine. However, I did have some problems with it, had to reinstall, and at one time even e reinstall didn't fix the issue. The game seems to be a bit fickle with regard to PhysX, apparently it needs a very specific version of PhysX installed. I fixed the issue by uninstalling the game, completely uninstalling all versions of PhysX, reinstalling the game, and then installing an older version of PhysX that was similar to the one the game was using. Based on that experience, I believe that PhysX updates (especially those that remover older versions) may break the game, but I haven't tested this enough to say with 100% certainty.

By upnorthfellaz posted 7th Mar 2013

The error msg says .\nx\pskmainNX.cpp [51]
error:Assertment failed
Message: Failed to init Ageia physics SDK.

Thanks for the replies i will try them all out.

By upnorthfellaz posted 7th Mar 2013

Hey madmori, by updating the graphics card to the 1 you have shown me wont cause any problems for new games will it?

By gamersgate posted 7th Mar 2013

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By gamersgate posted 7th Mar 2013

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