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By vegizombie posted 31st Jan 2013

Does anyone know how long it normally takes them to get back to you?
I've currently been waiting 2 weeks on an issue, are the generally slow or is it possible something has gone wrong with the ticket?


By DePhoegon posted 31st Jan 2013

I'd suggest redoing a ticket. I've never had them take longer then a few days, even during a busy sell season.

I'd make sure the ticket got sent, and that you put it in the right category as well.

By vegizombie posted 31st Jan 2013

I resubmitted but there is no option for categories that I can see.

By DePhoegon posted 31st Jan 2013

Be clear in your ticket, and don't sound like a git who's worded it to general for them to even know who to hand it to.

Details matter, along with being polite to them.

By AtomicHedgehog posted 1st Feb 2013

I've been waiting a week for an answer to my ticket, for a missing bundle game. Guess I should be prepared to wait a whole lot longer :(

It's all very disappointing. I've been here for a close to a couple of years now, and have bought over 150 games, but my observation is that Gamersgate seems to be going downhill fast, and is sliding down towards the bottom of the list of sites I purchase from.

By vegizombie posted 1st Feb 2013

Yeah, this is the first time I've bought from them and it's not going well. The second ticket is pretty clear, I've just asked for a refund as it's not working and I've reached the end of the time I can request it at because they didn't respond when I had the issue.

"who's worded it to general for them to even know who to hand it to" I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by this.

By DePhoegon posted 2nd Feb 2013

Well, you'd be surprised how many just go 'help, game not working'

Though, all one can do is be sure to be polite, clear and wait.

Also, review this } { as it is the refund policy and it's better to know if what your asking for is allowed or not.

You could always ask to gift it if you can't get a refund. *shrugs*

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