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Bethesda bundle: Forced refund and already redeemed game removed from Steam

By ryanz posted 14th Jan 2013

Just got an email from Paypal telling I've been refunded for the Bethesda Pack from GG. First I thought it's just another computer error, then I checked my Steam and found the game I already redeemed, Fallout: New Vegas, was removed. So this is definitely deliberate.
Gamersgate, you made a promise and then eat your words again! Fuck you!


By Victueno posted 14th Jan 2013

Calm down dude, contact support and be patient.

By Ladron3dfx posted 14th Jan 2013

You can't afford $5? I recently seen it on sale on just about every digital distribution site known.

Take your refund and buy it, wherever you wish. Problem solved.

By ryanz posted 14th Jan 2013

What kind of answer is this? I PURCHASED THIS GAME. Do you even understand the concept of ownership, kid?

By annales posted 14th Jan 2013

That's the problem with not owning a physical game disc. Then again when adding a game on steam (or even buying anything virtual) you have to accept a clause (the one on which you quickly klick accept/next on). Read that before complaining.

If i recall correctly that product has also been removed from GG due to the wrong price indicated. Stop trying to outsmart megamillion dollar companies, it'll be easier on you (even though I fully understand and comprehend your anguish).

By ahoym8 posted 14th Jan 2013

@Ladron3dfx The point is they promised they'll deliver the rest of the bundle if people activated at least one key. This is the FIRST I've heard of games removed from Steam.

So they're basically going back on their word again and again...and again. Seems every move they make is just to suit their own needs lolz.

@ryanz I got my refund today as well ( I've not activated any keys though ). In theory I should get the "omg 20% off for 1 year discount!!!" but seeing how shit goes down on this website, I'm not really counting on it. And even if they give us that, would I really buy from them? What if they have another "automated pricing error".

@Gamersgate, please get your shit together. If you said you'd refund the bundles from the get-go, there wouldn't have been so many complaints. I personally would've been okay with it. But going back on your word, numerous times, is a crap way to make business, not to mention the LOADS of other "pricing errors" that went on afterwards. Not sure if it's extremely legal either to just force refunds without the clients permission.

Let's say you're a bike shop. I come buy a bike from you and then pedal into the distance, ever so happy that I got a bike at a discount. I'm happily smiling and pedaling and generally enjoying my bike, when one day, you come rushing out of a bush and kick me in the face, grab my bike, and throw me back my money saying "LOLO forced refund, madafaca! We value our customers, LOLOLO. Kthnxbye!" <-- that's basically you, and it's sad!


By Ilanl11 posted 14th Jan 2013

ahoym8, your example is ridiculous. First, when you buy a bike, it's yours, physically, you own it. When you buy a game on GamersGate or Steam, you do not own the game, you have a license to use the game/product - play it.

Second, as shady as it might be GamersGate didn't do anything that you didn't agree that they could do when purchasing and signing up. You just probably didn't read all the terms and just checked the box that says you did.

By dark_inferno posted 14th Jan 2013

"Contact the Support". I did this... 2 weeks ago and no responce.

By Mathute87 posted 14th Jan 2013

If you got your refund, I'm sorry but you need to suck it up.

If not, then you can actually do something about it. But they gave you your money back. Get the Ultimate Edition somewhere else :)

By shaydenkid posted 14th Jan 2013

This is insane. I purchased the bundle weeks ago, waiting to see whether I would get the keys or not. Finally last week, I was sent an email that promised I would get them, and that they would be honouring the price advertised. Then today, I got a refund randomly without warning, literally days before the keys were due to arrive. This is after I'd been constantly reassured by GamersGate that I would get them. The games were even added to my library last week too! Now they're gone, and so is my money, as well as any faith or respect I had for GamersGate.

No discount, no messages, no games, no money, no more respect.

This has been the absolute worst experience I've had purchasing a product.

By Galebourn posted 14th Jan 2013

Yeah, I also got my "refund" today.
The funny thing is that they deleted my Bethesda Bundle twice.
I bought the bundle and a few days later all games were gone, without any message or something, GamersGate never tried to contact me in any way.
About 2 weeks ago my Bundle magically reappeard on my list, missing a few games. I thought "well, screw it, at least I got the most important games in the bundle" and waited for the promised keys to become available. Sooner today, I finally got my key for another game, Cargo Commander, so I activated it on Steam. Maybe GG noticed that I got my Bethesda bundle back when I activated some other game (just an assumption, maybe it has nothing to do with it) and they took my games again.
I kinda got over it when they took my games the first time but playing this game twice is just terrible.
I also missed some other good deals for Skyrim and Dishonored because of this.

By Galebourn posted 14th Jan 2013

@shaydenkid: Have you made any changes to your game library today? I'm just curious.

Damn... it also looks like they deleted the blue points I got for the Bethesda collection, I have -1048 coins.

By Galebourn posted 14th Jan 2013

Just checked, to get my coins back I'd have to buy games for at least $20.

By shaydenkid posted 14th Jan 2013

@Galebourn: I didn't make any changes, but when I checked today like I always to do see if the rest of the serials came in, nothing was there. At all.

By ahoym8 posted 14th Jan 2013

@Ilanl11 So a license to use the product is subject to be force refunded whenever the fuck they want? At least gamersgate still has some fanboys left. Good for you!

I couldn't give two shits about their ToS when they clearly changed it to cover their asses immediately after they discovered the pricing error.

By madsen131 posted 15th Jan 2013

@ahoym8 See, the problem is that you've agreed to a ToS that in all likelihood states that GG can change the ToS at any time, for any reason and without warning. I'm pretty sure there is also a clause somewhere covering pricing errors. It sucks big time to make a good deal only to have it taken back, but I'm pretty sure that GG is legally in the clear. (Legally! I'm not talking about morals here --- and I'm not going to.)

By csdx posted 15th Jan 2013

Also don't forget the Steam TOS which pretty much says exactly the same thing. In fact with the Steam TOS it takes it one step further, you never even got a license to a game, just a subscription which Steam may terminate at any time they choose.

By Typo posted 15th Jan 2013

The refunded me too, after removing the games from my shelf, not refunding me, they then sent an email that I would get the games, after that, the games we RE-ADDED to my account, then, today I receive a refund from them via Paypal and the games are AGAIN removed from my shelf,

How many times can a company lie and get away with it?!?!?!?

By wurenben posted 15th Jan 2013

Such a new year joke lol! And luckily I already got rid of this site after they canceled IGN-GG "life-time" discount . Now you learned don't expect any GG 's promise

By ryanz posted 15th Jan 2013

Sorry guys, I made a mistake. I moved Fallout: New Vegas to Favorites on Steam so I didn't find it on the alphabetic game list. I have submitted a support ticket and will close this thread.

By gamersgate posted 15th Jan 2013

Marked as solved!

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