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That is why you cannot grow big

By elbersame posted 29th Dec 2012

look at steam,errorgate.They have never refund for a wrong price.If you still want ur loyal customer you should not force refund

now you say " We highly value all of our loyal GamersGate customers and do not want to see our relationship with any of you damaged. Nor do we want to see our publisher partners harmed by our computer glitch. " You can never satisfy both sides,maybe bankruptcy is a good choice?


By elbersame posted 29th Dec 2012

if gamersgate dont have enough resources to play games,gtfo

By ACorpse posted 29th Dec 2012

I presume you're just venting, but there are plenty of topics for that already. Calm down, save the torches and pitchforks for when they've at least said they're going to do about the situation. If you're telling them to just close up shop I have to ask; what would that achieve, for anyone? Make you feel better? Leave people who haven't got refunds yet without money *or* keys?

By topmenko posted 29th Dec 2012

I agree that they handled this wrong, but you can't expect them to pay for the keys. Steam and amazon can, they are billion dollar companies. Gamersgate isn't.

By Evil_C posted 29th Dec 2012

And that is why they will never grow big, as the author of the topic said ;) But let's see what happens first, they still have a chance to make it right

By shivnz posted 29th Dec 2012 you think gamersgate allows for refunds if a consumer buys and activates a game on steam but decides they dont like it? How much understanding would they show when its the consumer that makes the mistake? Its not fair to treat them one way when they have specifically stated they will come after a consumer hard if they make a mistake. Had they not delivered any keys AT ALL, and not said they WOULD honor the sales, and then returned the money in a prompt manner... fine... but partial key delivery, holding the money for over a week, while promising to complete partial orders... i dont see why gamers should be left out in the cold after how they have acted throughout this.

I think it'll be interesting to see what bethesda thinks of all this, surely they can see how badly this reflects on them given that its their games, half finished by people, that are going to be ripped out of peoples steam accounts over this...

By CaptainMorti posted 29th Dec 2012

Link wins.

By Makorus posted 29th Dec 2012

Good job avoiding his complaint and complaining about completely irrelevant things.

By sandman posted 29th Dec 2012

Steam made modern digital download PC game market and have been dominating over 70% of share.They are biggest from the beginning and make itself inevitable center of PC gaming.Don't compare Steam and other download shops,you should compare GG with GMG,Impulse,such others.

By sandman posted 29th Dec 2012

I think problem of GG is that they are selling goods along with orders from buyers agitated by cheep price,not by number of assigned keys.They must limit number of goods by it.

By Entity20 posted 29th Dec 2012


"Link wins"

Is that why his ad hominem attack of op is now deleted?

Let's be clear, the person who has been claimed to have 'won' this argument just attacked the op on a personal level.

By taytothief posted 1st Jan 2013

I can grow big. :3

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