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No Red Message Below Bethesda New Year Collection

By kspangler72 posted 29th Dec 2012

so the red message that comes up beneath the bethesda new year collection about waiting until mid January for the keys is gone. however, it is still only showing this collection on my shelf and not in my all games tab. also, i still have yet to get a refund. sign that they are at least trying to fix the giant misprice clusterfuck?


By Exploding-Bob posted 29th Dec 2012

Yes, they are working on it.
Check this:
If you did not get a refund yet, contact support. However, you might not get a resolution of your problem over these holidays. There also seems to be some issues for people who already activated some keys (according to the link)

For me I, got my refund yesterday already, basically at the same time when they sent out the emails for their 'recall' action.

By Ladron3dfx posted 29th Dec 2012

If your not refunded yet, wait a few days. Its coming.

$300 worth of games for $27, thats a mistake, a computer pricing glitch.

Case closed.

By pysiu posted 29th Dec 2012

How long do they have to respond to our questions? I wanted to file a formal complaint but i don`t know where (since there is no response for support tickets)

By Makorus posted 29th Dec 2012

A computer can't set a discount though, that's bullshit, it HAS to be set by a human being beforehand.

By Exploding-Bob posted 29th Dec 2012

sent a email to
best you include your order receipt.

Yes, the correct discount was surely set by a human but the input was obvioulsy mishandled or misinterpreted by the system.
Stuff like that happened all the time in M$ Excel, when it wants to tell you that 2 + 2 = 5.

By pysiu posted 29th Dec 2012

Thx for clarification Exploding-Bob, makes me hope i won`t be left without the money and the game. Some of my friends were able to get the keys from my gifts although GG have already cancelled my order yesterday.

By nshill20 posted 29th Dec 2012

Ladron3dfx - it is not even close to $300 in games their Ladron...unless you just enjoy paying retail for everything=P

Brink - worthless, but value would be 4.99
Dishonored - 29.99 although I believe it was able to be had for around $20 already
Doom 3 BFG - yeah not any better than the old version really which you could get for 4.99
Fallout GOTY - 4.99
Fallout NV UE - 4.99
Quake 1-IV - basically freebies, or should be but you could get the old ones for almost free and Q4 for 4.99
Rage - 4.99 and this does not have any dlc
Morrowind GOTY - 4.99 although I have seen it cheaper
Oblivion GOTY - 4.99 althought I have also seen it cheaper
Skyrim - 17.50 with no DLC and that was on christmas

So just to clarify the true value of this bundle is 87.50 if you were to buy them seperately and work some channels. But lets be fair you could even get them cheaper if you really looked around. And none of the newer games include any DLC. Now take that 87.50 and slap on a christmas sale of 50% off -> = $43.75 especially since its a bundle so that is not too far off to be a realistic SALE=) You have to realize just because they slap a $300 price tag does not mean crap. I will gladly SALE you a PS3 for $300 (i will throw a list price of 500 on it because that is what they were originally)...The retail value of that bethesda bundle is 89.99, so steam eventually who knows when next year will throw it on sale for 50% or 75% at some point but not after this crap.

But go keep paying retail for everything since you believe whatever list price is listed before the sales price. Also GG has a habit of having their games occasionally even priced higher so the discount looks better than steams even though the price is either the same or higher=P

By vsvld posted 29th Dec 2012

You can buy Bethesda Collection in steam for 31 euro

So 27 euro here was quite reasonable

By Ladron3dfx posted 29th Dec 2012

So $300 worth of games on sale for $90. Well, get a refund, save your pennies and buy it. It sounds like a good deal. A legitimately priced deal.

At $27 The Bethesda Collection bundle comes to about $2.70 for each game. $2.70 for Skyrim? $2.70 for Dishonored?

That's a glitch.

It's not like you own anything on Steam anyways, it's a subscription service. Yes, you're renting them.

By Galebourn posted 29th Dec 2012

@vsvld: This is actually a much better bundle (at least for Germany because my copy of the Bethesda Christmas bundle had no Quake game whatsoever).
I also didn't think it's a pricing error because I own almost every game and only bought it for Dishonored. With all the DLC, Bethesda could give the base games away for free and would still get enough money.

Right now the discounted dlc prices are:
Skyrim Dawnguard: 9.92€
Skyrim Hearthfire: 2.47€
Dishonored Dunwall City Trials: 4.99€
Rage the Scorchers: 4.99€

22,37€ in DLC, almost the same as the Bethesda Pack alone.

By rcantora posted 30th Dec 2012

@vsvld: You can buy Bethesda Collection in steam for 31 euro... in Russia.

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