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SyderArcade Android

By baalim posted 29th Dec 2012

No really a question but an observation.

It seems that the bonus android version of SyderArcade from the "indiefort holiday bundle" hasn't been properly uploaded.

The link to the apk file leads nowhere.


By schmuttah posted 29th Dec 2012

Send it to support instead so they can fix it.

By madmanwalking posted 29th Dec 2012

There have been some issues in the site in the latest hours, probably this error will be fixed as soon as possible.

By baalim posted 29th Dec 2012

@ madmanwalking

As i said, it's more an observation than anything else.
Given the fact the other bonuses are not online yet, they're probably uploading it as we speak.

By bobb007 posted 5th Jan 2013

Still not working.

By baalim posted 6th Jan 2013

Yep, still not working after a full week :/

By baalim posted 6th Jan 2013

EDIT : I've submitted a ticket in the support section.
I will keep you posted.

By 1ashot posted 23rd Jan 2013

The link to the game has been changed and it has been updated with a new one now.

By baalim posted 23rd Jan 2013

Finally !
Problem solved.

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