Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Activating EFLC in vanilla GTA IV

By danieldcostea posted 28th Dec 2012

Hi, I already have GTA IV, and i was wondering if i can use the key for EFLC to activate and download through GFWL, when i try to redeem the code it give me an error.


By Dalloskid posted 28th Dec 2012

Try entering the code into steam. thats what most games need if they have a drm

By rcantora posted 28th Dec 2012

It will not activate on Steam.

By danieldcostea posted 28th Dec 2012

it doesn't work on steam, steam has it's own serial and GFWL it's own too

By Colek posted 28th Dec 2012

You can redeem code on US GFWL Account and you'll have EFLC to download (just DLCs).

By danieldcostea posted 28th Dec 2012

And can you, please, explain how to do this, i've tried, but whenever i try to redeem a code it say's it's invalid and i guess the code should be a prepaid card code. My micsosoft account is set as U.S. Personal.

By Alcifer posted 29th Dec 2012

To the best of my knowledge this game cannot be activated and downloaded through GFWL in this way. You need to download and install the files from GamersGate then activate on GFWL from within the game.


By MonkeySeeker posted 29th Dec 2012

No you can't. EFLC is completely standalone and does not integrate into GTA IV.

I know there is a menu in GTA IV for the two episodes but that only works on the DLC that do integrate with GTA IV - you can only buy them direct from GFWL though.

By Delixe posted 29th Dec 2012

The two episodes are seperate purchases available here on GG as Ballad of Gay Tony and Lost & The Damned. Buying either will give you a code to redeem on GFWL and then you launch them through GTAIV. Episodes from Liberty City is a standalone product and cannot be activated in GTAIV. There are some benefits to both. If you buy them as DLC then it saves a lot of HDD space as both EFLC and GTAIV come in around 50GB but using the DLC in GTAIV rounds out at about 30GB. However if you have the standalone EFLC then you get 3 new radio stations.

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