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Forced Refunds

By nshill20 posted 28th Dec 2012

Well since gamersgate has decided they like the idea of forcing refunds down our throats or in my case and some others not even providing the refunds yet. Why not just send them a notice that you want a refund for all games purchased in the last 30-60 days and if they do not like it then we will send them a forced refund in the form of a chargeback...seems Tic-for-tac is not the greatest policy but heck they are not really doing anything positive at the moment anyhow. It might be the holidays, but that is no excuse for a company to be so pathetic and slow at correcting a huge mistake on their part. Especially from a company that is this old, they can celebrate their holidays after they fix everything and respond to everyone with a less generic response.


By page305 posted 28th Dec 2012

Thats a great idea. I like it.

By Syno_Nym posted 28th Dec 2012


By mjfritz posted 28th Dec 2012


By travathian posted 28th Dec 2012

Cry some more! Forced refund, lol. You didn't receive a product, there was no "sale" in the eyes of the law. Therefore they either need to provide keys or provide a refund. They are providing a refund. You're just pouting and whining cause you didn't get in on the 'deal' in time to get your keys. Sour grapes at its worst.

You and all the other whiny bitches need to open a small business, cause I want to come and trash it, then tell everyone what a dick you are when you try and make things right.

By CodyWarmbo posted 28th Dec 2012


By Makorus posted 28th Dec 2012


Of course there was a sale.

I received the goods, GamersGate received the money, the order details said that the order was "completed"

But then they forced a refund even though the case was closed.

By natey2k4 posted 28th Dec 2012


I was not refunded my paypal fees. That's not cool.

By Galebourn posted 28th Dec 2012

What I don't like about this whole situation is that Gamersgate never tried to contact me or anything.
I bought the games because I thought it's a nice sale, I didn't even hear that it's a price mistake.
Right now, I own almost all games in the bundle, I just bought it for Skyrim, Dishonored and Doom 3 BFG.
I'm a big Morrowind fan but I never cared too much about Skyrim because I wanted to wait for a game of the year edition.
As for Dishonored, I don't know what to think of it right now. I also heard that the old Doom games are much better with mods than Doom 3 BFG so I don't really need that since I own the old ones.
Yeah, I thought 26€ is a good price for a flash sale but I didn't really think of a price mistake. I also only bought 1 copy of the bundle so I didn't abuse it. And last but not least I bought many games on Gamersgate that's not the first time they tricked me with purchases (I also had the IGN lifetime discount but that was just the tip of the iceberg).

Nah, I don't want to get any Gamersgate workers in trouble or even fired. I'm just sad that I didn't get an email or anything.
I didn't get a refund or any message that said "hey, we deleted the games you paid for"... just nothing at all. Makes me sad because I was aways what you'd call a loyal customer and I even paid the terrible european prices.

By nshill20 posted 29th Dec 2012

pretty strong opinion there travathian when you have ONE purchase and TWO games...hmmph...

lets see I have made 16 purchases and over $300 in just over a month here, so the fact they can just do whatever they want makes me not want to have an account with them or any games with them. Yes, Steam has a similar ToS but they are more likely to avoid the customer backlash and honor mistakes than GG. Look at the recent War Z crap and how well steam handled that mess.

By the way Travathian: A sale was made, the bethesda new year bundle was in my box, the sale was completed, keys not available yet were said to be available mid January...they then did a complete 180....yes it is a forced refund since on the 23rd they said a refund was OPTIONAL. Go troll somewhere else, or actually be an active member with GG before making your opinion known....let me spent 8 hours trying to buy it all night long and then never got a completed sale so now you want to hate on those who did...pretty sure that is correct=P

By ElessarEredhian posted 29th Dec 2012

Excuse me for that, but what travathian said is totally bullshit. Did I pay for a product? Yes. Do I have a receipt? And yes again. Does this receipt state that a specified sum of money has been received from customer in exchange of a product? And again, yes. So this is what is called a "sale".

By elbersame posted 29th Dec 2012

errorgate you are so greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat

By pysiu posted 29th Dec 2012

I second what ElessarEredhian said.
There were receipts, whats more some of the gifts got the Steam keys (which even more proofs a finished transaction).
A sale is a sale.

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